Why the "Best Luxury Jade Roller*" is Neither Jade Nor a Roller

Whether you’re an avid beauty roller or you find yourself rolling your eyes at the thought of rolling your face, read on.  

Facial rolling has become a thing … and for good reason. Dermatologists and aestheticians alike laud the benefits of a lymphatic facial drainage massage for improving circulation and lymphatic drainage tool and a stone roller makes it easy to do at home.  

So when Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ritu Chopra, and I sought opportunities to elevate daily skincare to holistic selfcare, we built a stone foundation. But instead of choosing jade, we chose rose quartz crystal. And instead of rolling, we designed a vibrational gua sha stone massage tool with a companion serum, rich in adaptogens and plant-based cosmeceuticals.  

2000 years of Gua sha

Use of rollers and crystals for facial massage are likely on your radar thanks to social media. Or maybe you saw Jennifer Aniston using a jade roller in an episode of The Morning Show. Gua sha, however, dates back to 7th century China and crystals have been used for beauty practices for thousands of years. And today, western aesthetic medicine and cosmetic science have helped us unlock effective new benefits from these age-old rituals.  

“When done correctly, lymphatic drainage massage can provide an immediate lift in skin’s appearance by reducing puffiness and imparting a healthy-looking glow,” explains Dr. Chopra. “It’s important to apply firm pressure in one direction, towards the lymph nodes that reside on the outer margins of the face and in the neck.  The challenge with rollers is that users are inclined to move back and forth and may not apply sufficient pressure to break up lymph congestion.” 

Benefits of a crystal wand vs. a jade roller

Solvasa’s Crystal Energy Wand, like the company itself, was created to bring together the best of traditional eastern practices with modern western science, respecting the body – mind connection. The development team even included a neuropsychologist, recognizing the emotional and physiological benefits of habit stacking mindfulness practices into a daily beauty routine.  

In creating the patented Crystal Wand, rose quartz, often called the love stone, was chosen for its safety profile and ability to retain coolness. The smooth, rounded oval crystal is attached at the head of an ergonomically designed wand that supports one directional movement with sufficient pressure. With the press of a button, the stone gently vibrates to further enhance micro-circulation, ease wrinkle-causing muscle tension, and even support the release of feel-good endorphins. 


The wand is designed to be used with companion DeStressance Serum so that it glides firmly across skin without tugging delicate tissue around the eye area.  The serum is formulated with calming amino peptides, Ayurvedic adaptogens and a lavender-based triglyceride complex to provide lift, radiance and resilience to inflammatory stress.  

Importantly, performing a daily gua sha lymphatic massage with the Crystal Energy Wand adds no more than three mindful minutes to your morning routine. And those three minutes of self-love with the love stone just might make your whole day a bit brighter.  

*GoodHousekeeping.com, October 26, 2022

Lori Bush is a wellness and beauty industry innovator and thought leader.  She has authored a number of papers dealing with health, beauty and business leadership and is a co-author of a best-selling beauty and wellness book.