Our Story

Sometimes, out of chaos comes clarity.

A diagnosis of breast cancer brought beauty industry executive Lori Bush to Dr. Ritu Chopra for reconstructive surgery. This experience sparked deep discussions between patient and doctor, revealing a significant gap in the skincare market: The need for products and practices that address the impact of stress and inflammaging on appearance and overall wellbeing.

With a mission to address this universal need, Solvasa® Integrative Beauty was born.

Redefining Beauty and Wellness
Through Community

We believe in the power of community.

Our Solvasa Pros, a dedicated group of beauty and wellness enthusiasts, are at the heart of our mission. By partnering with professionals who share our vision, we are redefining beauty as wellness.

Our community of Solvasa Pros is committed to spreading the message of integrative beauty, and helping others achieve radiant wellbeing through our innovative products and holistic practices.

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