The Remarkable Benefits of Kaolin for Beauty and Wellness

What is Kaolin?

Kaolin is a type of clay found in nature. It is rich in the mineral kaolinite, and has the consistency of a soft powder. While normally an off-white color, the presence of other minerals can give kaolin a slight red, green or yellow tinge. 

If you’re a fan of face masks, you’ve probably used a product with kaolin in it, but that’s not the only place you’ll find it. With a near neutral pH, a knack for absorption, and a smooth texture that is gentle on the skin, kaolin clay can be found in numerous cosmetics and skin care products. 

History, Origins, and Uses of Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay gets its name from China’s Kao-ling hill in the Jiangxi Province, where it was initially mined. If you’ve ever heard kaolin called “China clay,” now you know why. These days, this resource is mined all over the world. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that kaolin is one of Georgia’s greatest natural resources. Each year, the state produces over 8 million metric tons of kaolin for commercial use!

That might sound like a big number, but kaolin’s uses aren’t limited to the field of cosmetics. Kaolin clay powder is used to coat paper, as a filler in plastics and rubber products, in pharmaceuticals and ceramics, and even as a pigment in paints. With such varied applications, it’s no wonder kaolin clay is in such high demand. 

5 Kaolin Clay Benefits for Skin

#1 Kaolin Absorbs Excess Oil

Your skin produces oil naturally to protect and moisturize itself. However, hormonal issues, stress, drying skincare products, and other factors can throw your body’s oil production into overdrive. And too much oil can lead to blemishes and clogged pores. Kaolin is an ideal solution whether you’re dealing with oily skin or just want to cleanse your face without completely stripping it of beneficial oils. Kaolin’s gentle properties absorb excess oil without leaving skin dry and flaky. This makes it an ideal cleanser, even for people with sensitive skin. 

#2 Kaolin is a Gentle Exfoliator

Kaolin clay’s fine texture makes it an ultra gentle exfoliator. That means it can slough away dead skin cells effectively, without causing the redness and irritation you might see with a more abrasive exfoliator. The result? Youthful looking skin with an even tone and texture. 

#3 Kaolin Can Soothe Irritation

Kaolin is a natural solution if you need to soothe irritated skin too. From bug bites to blemishes, kaolin can offer temporary relief to inflamed skin. Its healing properties give you time to heal, sans the redness and irritation that might otherwise cause you to itch and pick at your skin. 

#4 Kaolin Helps Fight Breakouts

You can also use kaolin to help prevent breakouts in the first place. This is a big plus if you have acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay naturally combats clogged pores, excess oil, and bacteria - all of which can trigger a breakout. Its minute particles can get into your pores and absorb impurities, allowing you to simply rinse them off of your skin. 

#5 Kaolin Naturally Brightens the Complexion

Kaolin’s cleansing and exfoliating properties minimize the appearance of pores and blackheads. It also removes impurities from the top layer of your skin. These healthful effects allow your skin to reflect light beautifully, contributing to a more radiant complexion. 

How to Incorporate Kaolin Clay into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating kaolin clay into your daily routine is easy with the Solvasa Mindful Double Cleanse. The “double cleanse” trend finds its roots in Korea, where a glowing complexion is a highly coveted beauty asset. However, the traditional double cleanse might end up stripping your skin of too much oil, leaving it dry, red, or otherwise irritated. That’s where the Mindful Double Cleanse comes in.

Our mindful double cleanse consists of an AM/PM routing. It starts with the Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask in the morning, which contains kaolin clay, to absorb excess oil and gently exfoliate your skin while restoring natural balance. While you wait the few minutes it takes the clay to dry, you can do some meditative breathing for mindful stress management that will benefit you all day long. Finish up your double cleanse in the evening with Tranquil Cleansing Butter. This rich cream, infused with ingredients like neem and basil extract, gently cleanses your face before bed removing makeup and impurities. You will be amazed at the difference a few minutes of mindful skincare each day can have on your complexion.


Kaolin clay is another amazing element in the varied world of integrative beauty. Its gentle cleansing properties can benefit all skin types and contribute to a truly glowing complexion.

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