A double take on double cleansing.

You may have heard about the growing trend of double cleansing. What’s that about? Why would you want to use a cleanser to remove a cleanser?

Double cleanse

Discover the radiance of a
Solvasa Mindful Cleanse

Many selfcare regimens have a.m. and p.m. versions of moisturizers and serums for the different needs of skin throughout the day. So why do most of us use the same cleanser morning and night? Afterall, what could be more different than the cleansing needs of skin at the end of a long day Vs the needs when we wake up to a fresh start? That’s the idea of the Solvasa mindful double cleanse.

Double cleanse
Double cleanse

A night and day difference

Discover how a small change in your cleansing routine can be a transformative foundation for radiant wellbeing. The mindful double cleanse is a way to bring integrative beauty into your life and live the Solvasa mantra: Intention over Habit. Attitude over Age. Presence over Everything.