Skintermittent Fasting


Take a break from the harsh
stuff to restore radiance.

What would happen if your skincare and selfcare routines were all about supporting your skin's and your body's resilience to inflammatory stress? How would your skin respond in the short run if you laid off pro-inflammatory ingredients such as retinoids, bleaches and strong acids for a while?

When it comes to treating skin concerns, there is no one-size-fits all. However, there is a universal truth in skincare that applies to everybody, no matter what is happening inside your body, on your skin or in the environment around you and it's this: supporting your skin's resilience to inflammatory stress is the foundation for skin wellness and longevity.

Try this routine for month and
see what happens:

Skintermittent Fasting

Wash your face with a barrier friendly cleanser.

Morning: Use Solvasa Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask. The benefits are numerous; it dries quickly onto skin drawing impurities from pores and lifting away dead skin cells without irritating surfactants or harsh exfoliants. The drying time also allows the other benefits of adaptogens and post-biotic lysates to support skin's natural microbiome.

Skintermittent Fasting

Wash your face with a barrier friendly cleanser.

Night: Use Solvasa's adaptogen-rich Tranquil Cleansing Butter. The indulgent solid-oil cleanser gently removes even the most stubborn makeup without leaving skin feeling greasy.

Hydrate and Nurture

Either morning or night: Go beyond the benefits of a jade roller or gua sha stone. Solvasa co-founder Dr. Ritu Chopra, created Solvasa's signature crystal lymphatic massage to elevate gua sha to a comprehensive treatment for skin's resilience.

The 3-minute treatment involves using the vibrating Crystal Energy Wand and DeStressance Serum duo to provide the layered benefits of lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, muscle tension relief, soothing hydration, anti-oxidant adaptogens and skin-nurturing peptides and plant-based nutrients.

Skintermittent Fasting

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Skintermittent Fasting

Customer Reviews

“You had me at adaptogens.”

Jeni H. Verified Customer

“Just got this wand + serum bundle and have been very impressed. Hadn't heard of Solvasa before but I'm so glad I found this! I spend all day working on a computer and since I started using this the skin on my face has definitely been looking less puffy and feeling more energized. Recommending to all my friends!”

Abby Verified Customer

“Turns washing my face into skincare.”

Michelle G. Verified Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m being treated by a dermatologist. Should I stop using my prescribed products?

A: Although many dermatologists suggested taking a break from stronger skincare ingredients for patients who are frequently wearing protective face masks, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before discontinuing prescribed or recommended products.

Q: What are the risks of using the stronger ingredients on my skin?

A: You may be seeing the term “inflammaging” pop up more often as it relates to longevity and beauty. Inflammaging is the result of chronic, low-grade inflammation that occurs naturally as a result of the aging process. While inflammation is a necessary response to injury or infection, skincare ingredients that work by triggering low-grade inflammation have the potential to disrupt skin’s moisture barrier and accelerate or exacerbate inflammaging. Over time, this leads to dullness and loss of firmness, the exact opposite of the wonderful short-term benefits you seek from your skincare regimen.

Q: What else should I be doing to support the clarity and radiance of my skin?

A: We’re developing a deeper appreciation of how the invisible world we call the microbiome that lives on every surface of our being that is exposed to the external environment affects overall health and wellbeing. Even though it’s not visible, your intestinal tract is an exposed surface just like your skin. Supporting the diversity of the healthy bacteria of your microbiome by eating fiber-rich plant-based foods is one of the major cornerstones of radiant wellbeing that manifests as beautiful healthy-looking skin.