Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask :

  • The formula contains no harsh surfactants or sulfates, so it won’t disrupt the skin’s barrier.
  • It provides a deep clean, as well as a de-stressing, anti-inflammaging ritual to begin or end your day.
  • Thanks to probiotics, this daily treatment helps support the proliferation of healthy skin bacteria and keeps your skin clear and blemish free.

DeStressance® Serum + Glide:

  • This comprehensive formula contains no pro-inflammatory active ingredients, ensuring both immediate and long-term improvement.
  • The blend of ingredients is appropriate for all skin types, as it fights the visible signs of aging and nurtures sensitive skin.
  • Contains a protease inhibitor to maximize potency of the functional.
  • Specially formulated to work with Solvasa® Crystal Energy Wand, helping the wand easily glide across the skin and impart Integrative Beauty benefits.