Clarity Soothing Eye Wipes:

Using a fresh wipe for each eye, start at the inner corner of the eye and swipe across the eyelid/lashline. Use  three to four times a week to deep-clean the eyelids—or, as needed, to gently remove eye makeup.

Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask:

Using your fingertips, gently apply the mask in a circular motion to dry skin. Set a timer for two minutes and practice mindful breathing while the mask dries. Rinse, shower off or use a damp washcloth to completely remove. Avoid direct eye contact with eyes.

Special note for very dry skin: If skin feels too tight following the two-minute dry down, just use the mask as a cream cleanser and do not allow it to dry completely on the skin.

For extra Integrative Beauty benefits, add a short Solvasa®  Life mindfulness practice during dry down.

Mindful Breathing Integration with Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask.

Evening Gratitude Cleanse with Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask.