The CBD Gold Rush: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth for Skin Care - What We Know and What We Don’t

Contributors: Lori Bush and Dr. Ritu Chopra, Co-Founders of Solvasa

CBD is touted as one of the fastest-growing industries in consumer health and beauty.
But when it comes to skincare, is CBD a breakthrough or a faddish ingredient du jour?

The short answer: too soon to tell

If the rate of new CBD brands coming to market has your head spinning, you’re not
alone. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of approximately 130 cannabinoids that
have been identified to date. And while a few controlled clinical studies have shown
promising results using CBD for treating acne and possibly rosacea and eczema, much
of the materials sourced for these published studies have come from cannabis sativa,
not from the hemp sources that are generally formulated into cosmetic products.

When it comes to the use of hemp sourced CBD for improving the appearance of aging
skin, the jury is still out. We can be fairly confident that there is a benefit to be derived
from the anti-oxidant properties of this phyto-cannabinoid, but there is no clear evidence that the impact is any greater than the polyphenols that may be derived from other plant sources. There is promise, however. We know that human tissue has cannabinoid receptors and that CBD has proven anti-inflammatory properties. Because inflammation accelerates the appearance of skin aging, there is good reason to believe that CBD would have benefits in products for anti-aging skincare.

CBD won’t get you Buzzed, but it is a Buzzword for Marketers

Many new companies have been founded to offer us creative alternatives in personal
care based on CBD. Products include face and body moisturizers, facial oils, eye
creams and lip balms. Reviews suggest there is a spectrum of quality among the
brands and that in more than a few cases products do not match their label claims in
terms of ingredients, much less provide any evidence that the ingredients deliver any
benefits at all.

Worth a Try?

If you purchase CBD products from a reputable manufacturer, there’s a reasonable
likelihood the deck will be stacked in your favor. Marketers recognize that while you
may come for the CBD, you’ll only stay if you get results. In developing a CBD product,
savvy cosmetic scientists will incorporate other beneficial ingredients in a formulation to help ensure that the product will deliver on its promise. So even if CBD isn’t yet
validated as the eighth natural wonder of the world, if it helps to lead you to your wonder cream, that may be all the benefit you need.