Reframing Social Distancing—Physical Distancing Not Social Distancing

Until just over a month ago, most of us had probably never heard of the term social distancing. Of course, by now, we are all intimately familiar with the details of what exactly it means: limiting any real face-to-face contact, standing at least six feet apart, cancelling birthday parties, concerts, and all other social events that bring us a sense of joy and connection. It’s safe to say that it’s made many of us a little stir-crazy and even worse leaving some feeling trapped and alone.

But while COVID-19 has forced us into this new norm of distancing with many states under shelter-in-place orders, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be socially apart.

Physical Distancing: The Ultimate Act of Love

What if you were to approach the idea of distancing from a different perspective? Instead of seeing it as something the officials are forcing you to do, why not view it as the ultimate act of love? You are giving people the gift of life by flattening the curve and finding new ways to connect to their minds, bodies, and souls.

When you put other people’s best interests and health above your own, you’re letting them know just how much they mean to you. You don’t want to risk coming into contact with an infected person and bring the virus back to your family, friends, and elderly neighbors. That’s why you’re willing to reframe your perspective about social distancing.

You opt instead to try one of the many creative ways listed online to keep up with the people you care about the most. From Zoom calls to writing old-fashioned letters to family and friends, there are ways to touch base outside of social media. You can send group texts and even offer to teach your skills to people online.

The mind-body connection tells us when something feels good physically and mentally. Maintaining the social aspect of our relationships is easy thanks to all the technology that exists to strengthen communications. Although nothing beats a hug or face-to-face visit with a loved one, it’s necessary to physically distance yourself from them to prevent the spread of the highly infectious virus, COVID-19.

Change the Phrasing and Change Your Perspective

Social distancing isn’t the proper term for what’s taking place right now. It’s physical distancing. Socializing has never been more critical than it is today. Making it a point to connect and letting other people know that you’re thinking of them is imperative.

There are many ways to relate to one another that doesn’t involve one-on-one contact. Get creative with your approach, and discover new ways to connect. When you do have the opportunity to meet with people again in-person, the reunion will be much sweeter.

The way you interact with others can be far more beautiful and creative than before. It’s up to you to take advantage of the many resources available for you to choose from today. You’ll have a brand new perspective on what constitutes the best ways to stay in touch with your relatives, friends, and co-workers long into the future.