Lori Bush’s “Un-retirement”

For Lori Bush, a career was never a job.  Innovation in beauty and wellness was a passion that provided a sense of purpose and completeness.  So when it came time to wind down and enjoy the lifestyle her successes afforded her and her family, she found that her appetite for invention and entrepreneurship wasn’t ready to let go. Or, as Lori states, “Retirement was the part of my career that I wasn’t good at.”

Upon stepping down from her highly acclaimed run at Rodan + Fields, leading the company from a fledgling startup to become the leading premium skincare brand in the U.S., a diagnosis of breast cancer caused Lori to do a deep, personal dive into aspects of beauty and longevity she felt was often ignored by the beauty and wellness industries. This led her to research and develop an understanding and appreciation that resilience to inflammatory stress is at the foundation of healthy beauty.  So when Dr. Ritu Chopra asked her to partner in founding a new skincare company, Lori saw it as a call to action to pioneer a more holistic approach to beauty, and the concept of Solvasa was born.

“Solvasa is not just another skincare and supplement line, it’s a universally relevant approach to radiant wellbeing,” explains Lori.  “Everybody can benefit from a simpler path to achieving healthy radiance and we want to partner with the independent beauty and wellness professionals who can create the movement we call Integrative Beauty.”

To learn more about Lori’s thoughts on female entrepreneurship and her journey that led to the foundation of Solvasa Integrative Beauty, watch or listen as Vinny Lingham interviews her on his Vinny Vidi Vici podcast.  

-Saba Candari

 President of Solvasa Integrative Beauty