How to Add More Flow to Your Work Day

If you’re always feeling frazzled and stressed at work, you could be hurting your productivity. Plus, too much stress can put you on the path to burnout. The good news is, there are some simple things you can do to create more flow in your day and make even the most stressful of days more manageable.

It starts with developing some mindfulness habits so that help you stay focused, productive, and happier. Here are some ways to add more flow to your day so you can get through work with ease:

Have a Work Routine

You probably already have a morning routine that gets you grounded and out the door to work on time. If you work from home, your morning routine is everything you do to get to your home office and shifting in to work mode. One of the best ways to get focused on work right away is to have an ‘at the desk’ routine.

This could be as simple as closing your eyes for a few seconds and clearing your mind of distractions. It could even be a quick stretch routine before you settle into your chair and focus on the screen. Or, you could sip on some tea or coffee, paying attention to every sip before you shift your focus to work.

The goal is to have a routine in place that helps you get centered and focused. You want to shift your thoughts away from whatever you were doing before and bring yourself into the present moment.

Take Scheduled Stretch Breaks

Whether you’re stuck in meetings for a few hours or are immersed in your work at the desk, don’t forget to stretch and move. Ideally, you want to keep your body moving at least once per hour but that’s not always possible. Taking the time to stretch and breathe might break your attention for a few minutes but will help keep your brain active and move oxygen throughout your body.

Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health and can also start to affect your productivity. Regular stretch breaks and deep breathing sessions can keep the energy flowing.

Avoid Procrastination

When your to-do list seems to get longer and longer, it’s easy to put off tasks you don’t want to do until later. However, procrastination can cause more stress and make it impossible to get into that state of flow — a state of mind where you can complete your tasks with ease, time seems to stand still, and you’re completely focused. Be mindful of your time and break the habit of avoiding certain tasks or activities.

You can take a few minutes each day to prioritize, delegate, and schedule time to get specific tasks done to stay on track. Give yourself some room for interruptions and last-minute meetings that might interfere with your daily goals. Do whatever it takes to stay in control of your schedule so work doesn’t pile up and become overwhelming. You’ll feel more productive and find yourself being able to focus better when you’re not dealing with the anxiety of having too much to do.

How do you stay productive and focused at work? Share in the comments below!

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