Fasting Without Hunger: No Drugs Required

We’ve all encountered that gorgeous, naturally svelte person who casually frets, “ugh … I’ve been so busy, I forgot to eat today.” Yah, right. We hate you. Those of us who are naturally human not only remember to eat, we neglect to develop the habit of not eating. Enter intermittent fasting and how a new clean food called Fastify can help. 

Taming Ghrelin the Gremlin

A lie that many of us tell ourselves is that we eat when we’re hungry. Truth be told, we are more likely to be feeding a habit, boredom or some other emotion. But sometimes we really are hungry and that is the result of our stomachs producing the hormone ghrelin, a.k.a. “the hunger hormone.” Ghrelin’s job is to stimulate appetite, increase food intake and promote fat storage. As we fill our stomachs, ghrelin decreases and we feel satisfied. However, it takes a little time for our brains to catch up, so if we let ourselves get too hungry, we’re likely to find ourselves binging directly from the refrigerator or overeating at mealtime as we try to get some satisfaction.A key trick to not losing control is to develop habits that help keep ghrelin levels in check. And one of those habits is to Fastify during your Intermittent Fasting eating window. By sipping a Fastify savory smoothie or enjoying a warm mug of Fastify heated as soup, you’re delivering plant protein and fiber to your gut and decreasing the production of the hunger hormone.

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