Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Peel Oil

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to stand on a warm, sunny hillside in the south of Italy and caught a subtle, yet vibrant citrus fragrance wafting through the intoxicating air, there is a good chance it was citrus aurantium bergamia, a.k.a. bergamot. Grown predominantly in the Reggio di Calabria province of Southern Italy, the bergamot tree is a flowering plant that can reach 15 feet in height and produces abundant fruit. While bergamot fruit itself is generally too bitter to be enjoyed raw, bergamia oil, which can be extracted from the fruit’s peel, is of extraordinary value.

Bergamot Peel Oil’s Fascinating Origin

While it’s true that bergamot is now generally associated with Italy, the tree likely originated in Southeast Asia. As an easygoing citrus that thrives in warm, sunny climates, bergamot was quick to extend its reach and began to crop up all over the world where temperatures allowed. Italy was a good choice, climate-wise, and the fruit was readily embraced there. Orchards are still abundant in Southern Italy today. In fact, the fruit seems to have gotten its name from the Italian town of Bergamo, where it first gained popularity. 

The Many Uses of Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Peel Oil

Bergamot fruit is bitter, yes, but that hasn’t kept it out of Italy’s culinary delights. In regions where the fruit is abundant, you’ll find the fruit’s oil incorporated into honey, liquors, and baked goods. Outside of Italy, bergamot oil is mostly known as an ingredient that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor. Check out the box next time you are in the supermarket and you’ll notice that bergamot oil is mentioned front and center as part of the tea’s “delicate blend.” The French use it as an ingredient in hard candies that are quite popular as well.

But bergamot oil’s uses aren’t limited to gastronomy. The lion’s share of bergamot oil actually goes to the perfume industry, where it is a popular choice in fragrances. Chanel and Dior are two big players who regularly use bergamot in fragrances. As it turns out, not only does bergamot smell bright and refreshing, the oil can prolong fragrance for up to 16 hours!

Bergamot oil has also been an important natural ingredient in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. In the past, people used the oil for everything from insect repellent and wound care salves to malaria treatments. Today, it’s sometimes incorporated into skincare products and is popular in aromatherapy. Additionally, bergamot peel oil has become the focus of several research studies to uncover some of its potential health benefits. 

Surprising Bergamot Oil Benefits

Natural skincare enthusiasts love bergamot peel oil’s benefits for skin. Like many citrus fruits and oils, bergamot has anti-bacterial and astringent properties, both of which can help to reduce the appearance of acne

Beyond skincare, bergamot oil boasts some impressive benefits for mental health and wellness. In aromatherapy, bergamot peel oil is used to alleviate stress and anxiety. It can help support mood elevation, balance energy levels and offers an overall calming effect on the mind. Thanks to its de-stressing power, it’s often incorporated into carrier oils and used in massage therapy. 

How to Incorporate Bergamot Essential Oil Into Your Daily Routine

To incorporate bergamot essential oil into your daily routine, look no further than Solvasa Breathe Mindful Oil. Designed with the help of a neuropsychologist to be used with Integrative Beauty practice, this potent formula includes pure bergamot essential oil along with several other essential oils that are ideal for calming the mind, recentering, and regaining focus. For example, lavender oil has been shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Patchouli oil helps to stimulate brain alpha waves and creativity. Frankincense oil can help enhance mindfulness practices. Holy basil oil promotes a sense of relaxation. These, and a few other essential oils, combine to stimulate the production of calming biomolecules and protect your mind, body, and skin

How do you use it? Reach for it whenever you start feeling overly distracted or anxious. Roll a small amount onto your pulse points on both wrists, and inhale, deeply and slowly. The fresh notes of bergamot will no doubt boost your mood and help you to let go of any pent up stress. When you pause for a moment to breathe in its scent, you’ll find you are better able to respond with intention. This simple mindfulness practice can help you maintain balance and make your day more productive. That’s the beauty of Breathe Mindful Oil: It helps you ward off life's little stressors, and keeps them from stealing your radiant glow. 


Bergamot peel oil is a multifaceted oil with numerous benefits to offer. It’s another one of nature’s precious gifts to us. Without a doubt, natural ingredients are key when it comes to reducing stress and inflammaging in this modern, fast-paced world. 

If you feel passionate about maintaining healthy skin through natural ingredients and mindfulness practices that are backed by science, join our community of Solvasa Pros. By doing so, you can help others start on their journey to integrative beauty, overcome common stressors, and reclaim their inner radiance.