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Have you ever wondered why students break out during finals—or why U.S. presidents often go grey while in office?  Stress can lead to internal inflammation and accelerated aging that becomes evident in the skin and hair. That’s why stopping the stress cycle is a key component of an Integrative Beauty program.  


Solvasa® Breathe Mindful Oil, a blend of lavender, patchouli and bergamot oils, is meant to be used throughout the day in conjunction with simple mindfulness practices. Its purpose: to help stimulate the production of calming biomolecules and protect your mind, body and skin.  Reach for it whenever you feel anxious or need to anchor your focus. A slow inhalation of the oil enables you to pause, breathe and respond with intention. Staying in balance through mindfulness will not only make your day more productive, it will help keep life's little stressors from stealing your glow.



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