Clean Food
for Intermittent

Organic, culinary-inspired veggie smashups to satisfy your hunger and fuel your fast.

Fasfity Foods
Fasfity Foods

Why Fastify

Food for fasting? You got it right! Fastify is delicious functional food that helps you steer clear of the crash when you're eating for the win. Flavor-full savory smoothies ideally portioned for anytime / anywhere.

70 low glycemic calories

70 low glycemic calories

70 low glycemic calories

Plant-based protein

70 low glycemic calories

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

6 or 7 grams plant-based protein

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

70 calories per serving

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

Fiber rich / microbiome-friendly

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

Organic, vegan, gluten-free

Low Sugar / Low Glycemic

No refrigeration required

Meet the flavors

chickpeas for change

for change

A delicate
Moroccan medley.

chickpeas for change


A vibrant beet

chickpeas for change

for a day

A tangy
Tuscan mix.

fastify your way
fastify 3 pack

3 Pack Trial

Discover how much satisfaction can be packed into 70 calories.

fastify 12 pack

12 Pack

Keep your supply on hand to feel good about WHAT you eat WHEN you eat.

fastify Amazon pack

Available for

$61.99 on fastify on Amazon

Supports Intermittent Fasting

Clock Cycle

16:8 plan

Fast for six contiguous hours and eat during an eight hour window.

Pop open a pouch to ease into your eating "window.” The macronutrients will satisfy your hunger so you're not inclined to overeat or reach for high carb snacks. End your eating window with a serving of Fastify to keep hunger from taking grip during your daily fast.


5:2 plan

Eat normally five days a week and fast (restrict to 500 calories) on two non-consecutive days.

Try eating two pouches during your “fasting” days to ward off hunger and keep blood sugar levels stable. Fastify is just 70 calories per pouch, so you can have two per day and still have calories left over for some of your other favorite healthy foods.

Lori Bush

Fasting shouldn't feel like sacrifice. We created Fastify to support your intention and fit your lifestyle.

Lori Bush

Solvasa Co-Founder and CEO


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Started drinking instead of munching the food I was packing into kids lunches. I never imagined this would help my skin clear up, but it did!

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Great as a soup!

Didnt think I was going to like it, but heated as a soup and its completely changed my eating habit for good.


Always ready
when you are!


We encourage you to chill with Fastify and enjoy it as a savory smoothie or put the heat on and enjoy it as a hot soup. No refrigeration is required for storage, so in case of emergency hunger, just break the seal and enjoy.

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