The Therapeutic Properties of Rose Quartz

Contributor: Elizabeth Thibaudeau

Across the skincare community, gemstone rollers abound—jade, amethyst, and rose quartz have exploded in popularity in recent years, each promising healing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Rose quartz, in particular, is a gemstone traditionally associated with tenderness, healing, and comfort. For those who practice yoga or meditation, rose quartz connects to the Heart Chakra. Attached to rose quartz’s soft pink color is feminine energy, promising nourishment and compassion to those who encounter this gemstone.

When used in beauty regimens, rose quartz can also produce results on our skin. But what makes rose quartz so unique, and how does its structure translate to skincare benefits?

Rose Quartz Structure

On the molecular level, the pink hue of rose quartz is caused by trace amounts of minerals in the stone: titanium, iron, or magnesium, typically. Rose quartz consists of a hexagonal crystal system. As a result of this unique structure, it retains heat and cold more efficiently than jade.

In terms of texture, rose quartz follows a Goldilocks rule: it’s not too firm and not too soft. While rose quartz has an even, smooth surface that glides effortlessly over skin, it’s also stronger and more durable than other gemstones such as amethyst.

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Temperature regulation is a central benefit of rose quartz. Unlike jade, for example, rose quartz can stay cool for a longer period of time, giving a refreshing sensation on your skin.

Especially during a facial massage, you will experience more tightening and circulation benefits by using a rose quartz tool at a cool temperature. Lower temperatures help reduce inflammation, irritation, and redness on your skin’s surface.

Absorb More of Your Favorite Products

When you apply skincare products with your hands, you risk losing some of the material when it absorbs into your fingers. Using a rose quartz wand or roller can also help you get the full mileage from your most-trusted products.

Massaging your skin with a rose quartz tool can help your skin absorb more of your favorite moisturizers, masks, and serums. It may take a minute longer, but a self-care moment that helps your products go further is always worthwhile.

Encourage Lymphatic Drainage Rose quartz is a perfect material to use during a lymphatic massage. With its cooling properties, rolling rose quartz across your skin can encourage lymphatic drainage.

Reducing lymphatic buildup can yield a variety of health and beauty benefits. Lymphatic massage, with the help of rose quartz, can reduce redness and puffiness, brighten your complexion, fight aging, and improve circulation.

Make a Lasting Investment

Since rose quartz is firm but gentle, you can experience numerous skincare benefits with a tool that’s durable enough to last for years. When you invest in a rose quartz massager, it will become a long-lasting staple in your skincare regimen.

When it comes to skincare, rose quartz is an unrivaled gemstone. To incorporate rose quartz into your beauty routine, start with Solvasa’s Crystal Energy Wand.