The Perks of Lymphatic Massage

Contributor: Dr. Ritu Chopra, Co-Founder of Solvasa

Most of us have experienced days where, waking up after a long night of work, celebrating, or binge-watching Tiger King for the third time, our skin looks as tired as we feel. Under eye bags, a puffy face, a dull complexion, and even breakouts can result from a variety of factors. One potential culprit that you may not be familiar with is referred to as lymphatic stagnation.

While lymphatic stagnation can sound like a concerning term, it’s actually simple to curb once we get to know our bodies’ lymphatic system.

Understanding the Lymphatic System

The lymphatics are a network of tissues that filter the blood and help with immune function. One of the lymphatic system’s primary jobs is to collect excess fluid surrounding the bodies’ tissues and organs and return it to the bloodstream. When the lymphatic system is working properly, it improves our immunity, strengthens blood flow, and reduces inflammation. But the lymphatic system is unique for another reason—it only flows in one direction.

If the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, lymph fluid can buildup in the body and cause swelling or what we also call edema. As a result, the system can get congested, especially when your body is fighting off illness, running on steam, or dehydrated (read: too much Prosecco).

As we age, unfortunately, the lymphatic system channels decrease and don’t function as well and they may need a little help! The lymphatic system works on pressure gradients meaning that there is no system that pumps it, similar to your heart, it is based on your muscle squeezing and moving the lymphatic up and back to the veins by manipulating the pressure upstream to downstream.

If your lymphatic system could use a pick-me-up, allow me to introduce you to lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic Massage

Since the lymphatic system only moves in one direction, it flows based on natural muscle movements and bodily pressures. This can also be accomplished by manual pressure or massage on areas of known lymphatics—a.k.a lymphatic massage. This is a well proven approach to reduce body swelling post-surgery or infection. By applying constant pressure on the lymphatic channels we can increase lymphatic flow, decrease stagnation as well as reduce swelling.

With so many lymph nodes located around our face and neck, it’s easy to see how reducing inflammation in the lymph nodes can lead to a natural glow. Lymphatic massage can be a way to reduce acne, facial swelling, under eye circles, and dullness.

While many spas and salons offer lymphatic massage services, Solvasa makes it easy to perform lymphatic massage at home.

Solvasa’s Crystal Energy Wand

The Crystal Wand is designed to simulate a spa lymphatic facial massage. The Wand’s gentle pulsing works to wake up your skin and move toxins away from the face and neck. First apply DeStressance Serum then move the wand in upward motions along your forehead, working towards your hairline; apply gentle pressure to under eye bags as the rose quartz crystal alleviates puffiness. To stimulate drainage of lymph nodes in the neck, massage in a downward motion starting at your jawline.

As your facial muscles relax under the massage, your body will also release endorphins (natural feel-good hormones) to kick start your day. So whenever you’re feeling swollen or just want to boost your mood and brighten your complexion, we’ve got your fix! Enjoy a lymphatic facial massage daily with our Crystal Energy Wand and DeStressance Serum Duo.

Bring on the glow!

Dr. Ritu Chopra

Co-Founder Solvasa & Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Celebrated Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra is recognized as a top doctor and key opinion leader in the areas of both aesthetic and reconstructive medicine.