The Most Wand-er-ful Time of the Year: Mindful (and Memorable) Holiday Gift Ideas

Festive lights, classic Nat King Cole tunes and that ever-present feeling of merriment and magic in the air. Yes, the holidays are fast approaching! And while they are always full of joy and cheer, they often come along with stress too – especially given the pressure to find thoughtful presents for loved ones. This year, instead of going the traditional route (does dad really need another tie?), consider a more meaningful one: gifts of health and wellness. (They’re bound to elicit smiles and impart a sense of calm long after the wrappings are gone.) Here are our curated picks of mindful gift pairings for everyone on your list. 

(*Bonus, for a limited time, receive a complimentary Breathe Mindful Oil with the purchase of any bundle or two Solvasa Beauty products. Consider it our holiday gift to you!)

A mindful gift for…moms

Moms have their hands full—taking care of children, running homes and often balancing careers and romantic relationships too. Unfortunately, this exhausting juggle and endless multitasking is stressful and can take a toll on her face, leaving her complexion tired, dry and wrinkled. (The body’s natural aging process doesn’t help either.) 

Gift her: Revitalization and self-love—courtesy of Duo - Crystal Energy Wand & DeStressance® Serum. The rose quartz crystal roller glides over skin helping to boost circulation, relieve stress tension and flush toxins; DeStressance Serum helps to brighten tired skin, reduce puffiness and diminish the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles). 

A mindful gift for…meaningful men

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, whether you’re shopping for a male friend, significant other, father or brother, the special man in your life will be sure to appreciate a gift that nourishes—literally. 

Gift him: Optimal Health - with Solvasa Fastify 3 Pack Variety and Golden Moment Turmeric Elixir, a dynamic duo of snacks and supplements certain to satisfy his taste buds, while promoting wellness. Fastify is flavorful, nutrient-loaded and individually packaged food that provides on-the-go nutrition. Golden Moment Turmeric Elixir is the perfect compliment. These portable supplement packets, rich in turmeric and ashwagandha, can easily be added to water for added health benefits. 

A mindful gift for...close colleagues/friends

Stress is at an all-time high for virtually all of us right now. Those climbing the corporate ladder – working around the clock – may particularly welcome the gift of immediate tension relief. Treat those in your inner circle to a well-deserved moment to themselves.

Gift them: Relaxation - with Breathe Mindful Oil or Tranquil Cleansing Butter.  Solvasa® Breathe Mindful Oil is a blend of lavender, patchouli and bergamot oils. It’s meant to be used throughout the day in conjunction with simple mindfulness practices. Slow inhalation of the oil enables you to pause, breathe and respond with intention. This holiday season when you order two, you will receive one free - making it the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list! 

The Tranquil Cleansing Butter works equally well for men or women. It’s solid-oil balm formulation melts away dirt and impurities so skin is left feeling hydrated and clean. 

A mindful gift for…significant others

We all have people who matter to us—outside of family, friends and co-workers—who deserve special holiday treats too. School teachers, nannies, housekeepers, trainers, yoga instructors and more—all play important roles in our lives. Instead of gifting a bottle of bubbly, which can tire and dehydrate the body, say “cheers” and “thanks” to these special individuals with a drink of good health.

Gift them: Inner glow and wellness – thanks to Golden Moment Turmeric Elixir, a taste bud pleasing, nutrient rich, portable supplement—easily added to water. They’re bound to also appreciate our universally loved Clarity Soothing Eye Wipes, which soothe tired eyes. Bonus: both products are individually packaged so they can be easily slipped into goodie bags and make great stocking stuffers too.

A mindful gift for…yourself!

Shopping for others is a given but treating yourself to something special should be too. Holiday season pressures and stressors (decorating, shopping, events and more!) can wreak havoc on your complexion leaving it lackluster and dry—and you feeling far from merry. 

Gift yourself: Some extra TLC - with Tranquil Cleansing Butter and Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask. The extra-nourishing butter, formulated for all skin types, leaves skin dewy and can be used morning or night. The mask thoroughly exfoliates, buffing away dry skin. The result? Ultra-hydrated, dewy skin that will have you looking—and feeling!—great too.

The holiday season will always be festive – and a bit chaotic. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Solvasa Beauty treat you, and all of the important people in your life, to the gift of mindfulness, wellness and pampering. Learn more here

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