How many more days?! Are you kidding? What to wear for the Holidays?

Contributer: Trisha Chapin

Yes! That time of the year is here. Do you shop in your closet for reinventing last year's holiday clothes, or venture out to your favorite stores to find the perfect new outfit? For many, what should be a joyful activity ends up becoming a dreaded doesn't need to be.

If you start with a short two to three minute break for mindful breathing, the process can be less stressful than you think. Even enjoyable!

What Do You Already Own?


Let’s start with what you already have; your closets are always the first place to search. See what you have from last season that is back on trend this year. Think satin and velvet. Last year’s jewel tones are still going strong. Merlot and Camel are always great holiday staples, but this year think BRIGHT ... and I mean really bright! Hot Pink and bright Orange (even better worn together) were huge on fall runways. Add one or both to this year's festivities.

I love the “P”’s this year. Especially for Parties. Pistachio and all shades of Purple. Visualize a kaleidoscope starting in Grape and evolving into Lavender. Don’t be afraid of mixing tones of the same color.

Let’s add another P. Plum. Especially on lips, as it works well with every skin tone. Make it a matte and pair it with a slightly enhanced natural palette for your eyes. Don’t forget the lashes! False eyelashes are great, but not for everyone. A double coat of mascara will make all eyes POP!

Purchase a satin blouse in one of the color trends and wear it to work. Pair it with black for some holiday sass. Repeat the blouse. This time, dark skinny jeans and heels. Pumps work great. Still love the pointed toe! Sandals (weather permitting) add that sexy confidence we all love through the Holidays. Fashion dilemma solved with one item!

Consider going Monochromatic for a polished and dramatic look. The color sets the mood. Black and Navy are invariably chic. Winter White is always on point. Go for the dazzling brights and you will own the room.

Knowing the colors and trends of the season can take the stress out of last-minute fashion decisions. Adding to next year's wardrobe can make mornings less stressful. Knowing how to wear key items gives you the confidence and edge in the months ahead.

A Few Key Suggestions

Keep your closet organized. Hang anything that was disrobed in haste. Fold sweaters to keep the wrinkles away (No irons or steamers needed). Shoes can get out of control in no time. Always arrange (and keep) them in pairs. Nothing is worse than searching for a shoe and looking at your watch simultaneously!

Remember to keep your immune system strong. Stay hydrated. Get a good night's sleep. Start your day with a few quiet moments and meditate. Enjoy a warm turmeric beverage that is full of antioxidants and immune boosting properties. Stay healthy and strong.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the Holidays. Next year will be here before we know it!


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